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Services Offered

Traditional Thai Massage – $75/hour

Thai massage activates the body’s capacity to heal itself. Thai massage makes use of pressure points called sens. Applying pressure unblocks the flow of energy & restores balance to the body.

Advanced Thai Medical Massage – $75/hour

A technique using a deep massage movement and trigger points that concentrate on tension areas including both tendons and muscles. A deep tissue massage creating lasting effects over time.

Oil Massage & Aromatherapy – $79/hour

Full body aromatic & relaxing massage using special blended oils that helps the body to be refreshed and relaxed . This gentle massage allows the healing properties of natural oils to penetrate into the skin.

Foot Massage – $75/hour

The force applied by the fingers must be very carefully and precisely directed to a specific nerve on the foot. Each part of the foot is reputedly linked to another, often distant, part of the body.

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Reducing or eliminating Pain
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Improving joint movement
  • Eliminating toxins
  • Inducing deep relaxation
  • Lymphatic cleansing
  • Stimulating internal organs
  • Healing long term injuries
  • Relieving tension & stress
  • Assisting postural alignment
  • Calming the mind

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage promotes awareness of one’s body that leads to improved posture, easier movement, and avoid injuries. It releases deep muscles in the body to decrease headache, neck and shoulder pains, menstrual cramp, digestive problems, low back pain, insomnia, and chronic fatigue syndromes.

Thai massage also makes the person more blissful. It increases the levels of dopamine and Serotonin, which is also known as the happy hormone. At the same time, it decreases Cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone.